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Last Life Ever

Jul 27, 2021

Wendy Bird, founder of Pearls with Purpose, is known as a Social Impactor, Certified High Performance Coach, International Keynote Speaker and Humanitarian. But her most important role is mother of 5 amazing kids, and grandmother to 6 spectacular grandchildren who fill her heart with love and her days with joy, laughter, and last-minute adventures! In 2002 Wendy founded the Pearls with Purpose Foundation, a grass-roots organization which blends micro-enterprise training with humanitarian assistance. Through this nonprofit, she has inspired and motivated people all over the world with her hand-up vs. hand-out approach to long term self-reliance. She partners with like-minded organizations (Operation Underground Railroad, Mentors International, Rising Star Outreach, Believe International and etc) to create dignity for women recovering from sex-trafficking or abusive/disadvantaged situations. She has an adventurous spirit and for years her motto has been “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” She has accomplished several bucket list items such as (but definitely not limited to): learning to ski at age 40; riding LOTOJA; skydiving over Wallongong Beach in Australia; Hiking Havasupai Falls (Arizona), The Narrows; Angels Landing (Zions) Machu Pichu, (Peru) and Tigers Nest, (Bhutan). She loves planking all over the world despite 50 surgeries! She has also designed and published a 'mindfulness' planner called Planning With Purpose. (Available in hard-cover or digital download). Her upcoming book titled, #PurposeDriven- offers an inspiring and motivational look into her personal life and the lives in developing countries she has been blessed to interact and train with. Addressing the needs of individuals seeking a more purposeful life, The Purple Dress is the first in a series of long-awaited children’s stories and is beautifully illustrated by artisans in the Philippines. For the podcast version of this episode visit:

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